Hello and Welcome to Honor the Root

This is the beginning of something magical. I want to create a community of intention in my own piece of the internet. A presence of positivity and light spreading truth. 

What is Honor the Root and how did it come to be? 

Honor the root is …..

To honor is to bring intention with awareness. The root is the origin, the source. Together we will honor the root source.

Throughout my healing journey, I’ve known that there is a reason why my body was calling out to me. Whether it be through an achy back or neck, a head cold, sleepless nights, or another dis-ease that manifested, the physical body will alert you when mind, body, and spirit are not connected and aligned. In my practice, I have worked with over thousands of people. Some suffering from physical symptoms of pain and stress either chronic in nature or from a serious accident or injury. There were also others who were seeking relaxation and relief. A break from their everyday. The theme amongst all of my clients, and my own self in particular, is that in order to truly heal that which we are suffering from, we need to get to the root. Our life experience is stored in our muscles, bones, tissues, spirit, emotional body, and psyche. To get to the root reason of why it hurts, we must get to the why itself. Why?

You may be thinking I don’t know how to access this ‘why’ or I am not aware of any precipitating event to why this happened. To get the answer to this question and to the answer of ‘why’, you need to ground into yourself, into your root.

How do we access this place of going within and tuning in. You book a session with me of course! Together, I can help facilitate the awareness of what is happening internally with what is happening externally. 

Our inner world shapes our outer world and vice a versa. I can help you reconcile the two and initiate you on your path towards healing. 

Looking forward to meeting you. 



Erika Best